Joy in Christ, Woe for the World

What better way to celebrate my blog’s new look than by writing a new post (last time I posted was more than 2 years ago). Of course, saying that I had been busy and inundated with tasks from all directions would just be a flimsy excuse for not writing a single word here. I love posting to my blog. But I don’t want to post just for the sake of posting; I want to post because I have something important to write about.

I’ve been feeling down lately, but not in the sense that I’m down in an earthly kind of way. Don’t get me wrong – I have true joy and hope in Christ, as all redeemed sinners should. But the things that I’ve been seeing lately – both in the physical and virtual world – can just be downright dejecting and even alarming. You have heresies and blasphemous statements being posted and preached by professing Christians (even pastors) on one hand; then on the other, you have unbelievers and false believers muddying the theological discourse by proffering and positing falsehoods and twisting facts and biblical texts, which can insidiously weaken the faith of those who have professed their faith in Christ. But then there’s also those who don’t care and just live their lives as though there’s no eternity waiting for them, not caring whether they end up in heaven or on other side after they die.

All of these can be bothersome, to say the least, especially for someone like me whose ministry is apologetics (defending the Christian faith). I really wish there is more that I could do to help stem the tide of heretical practices and misguided theology that are currently permeating evangelical circles in my country. Add to this the teachings of Romanism that continue to mislead people, including my own relatives and friends, with its false gospel.

It is my prayer, even though I’m not at all worthy, that God will make me an instrument of His love and His truth using the gifts He has given me so I can preach the true saving gospel to those who are perishing.


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