The Dangers of Believing in Evolution if You’re a Christian (or The Heresy of Theistic Evolution)

By definition, theistic evolution ‘holds that religious teachings about God are compatible with modern scientific understanding about biological evolution.’ In other words, it espouses the idea that one can have a belief both in God and in evolution and that they are compatible. There are many theological issues that a believer has to deal with if he/she believes in theistic evolution (which, for me, is actually an oxymoron). Here are some of them:

1. Was there death and suffering before Adam and Eve sinned? If a believer in God and the Bible also believes in evolution, he has to explain how there was death and suffering during the alleged millions or billions of years of man’s evolution from a single-celled organism all the way to the arrival of the first man and woman. The Bible says that death entered the world after the fall of man, as stated in Rom. 5:12 – “Therefore, just as sin came into the world through one man, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men because all sinned.

2. After the 6 creation days, God said in Gen. 1:31 that everything He had made was ‘very good.’ How can everything be ‘very good’ if, assuming that evolution were true, there was death and suffering, since part of the evolutionary principle is ‘natural selection,’ which, according to secular scientists who believe in the theory, is about nature choosing those that are fit to survive? How could everything then be ‘very good’ before the creation of man if death was everywhere as organisms battled for survival?

3. If man was created in God’s image and likeness, at what point in the alleged evolutionary chain was he like God:as a unicellular organism, multi-cellular organism, amphibian, ape, or man?


(Image courtesy of Answers in Genesis)

4. If you believe that God used evolution to create everything, consequently, you also have to believe that He had made tons of mistakes before man and other life forms finally came into existence.

5. If evolution is true, you then believe that God cannot create everything in six literal days as mentioned in the creation account in Genesis 1. He had to create all life one earth over millions or billions of years.

6. If a believer subscribes to this fantastical theory, he therefore doesn’t believe Jesus when he said in Matthew 19:4, “Have you not read that He who created them from the beginning made them male and female?” Our Lord never mentioned anything about any organism or creature evolving before the appearance of man on earth.

7. Believing in millions or billions of years undermines the Bible. This directly affects the Gospel message. How? Because Jesus was sent to repay the debt that Adam’s sin brought. Jesus died a physical death, shed His blood, conquered sin and death,and promised to return again and restore the world to the way it was ‘in the beginning.’ If millions of years of evolutionary bloodshed occurred prior to man’s sin, what will God restore the world to in the future?

8. The logical conclusion of not believing in the Genesis creation account is to treat the books of the Old Testament as myth. The very foundation of Scripture is Genesis, hence, not believing in its historicity and treating it more like an allegory makes all of Scripture collapse. If one believes in the doctrines of the New Testament, he has to believe in the historical account of Genesis as historical truth. Otherwise, there’s no basis for such NT doctrines.

To quote Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis: “The real issue is one of authority—is God’s Word the authority, or is man’s word the authority? So, couldn’t God have used evolution to create? The answer is No. A belief in millions of years of evolution not only contradicts the clear teaching of Genesis and the rest of Scripture but also impugns the character of God. He told us in the book of Genesis that He created the whole universe and everything in it in six days by His word: “Then God said … .” His Word is the evidence of how and when God created, and His Word is incredibly clear.”

Ultimately, the battle is between man’s word (secular view) and God’s word (Scripture).


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