Reasons Why the Theory of Evolution Cannot Be True (And Is Therefore One of the Biggest Lies Ever Told)

The evolution we’re talking about here is stellar, chemical and biological evolution, which, according to many secular scientists, explains the origin of life here on earth. It is in our science textbooks, science magazines, and science publications. This lie has been fed to us since Charles Darwin, after his world tour aboard H.M.S. Beagle and, among other things, observing finches on the Galapagos Islands, hunkered down to write the book that would change (skew) man’s view of how life began – ‘On the Origin of Species, by means of Natural Selection; or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.’ (Yes, the original title’s that long.) Since then, we and our children have been indoctrinated with this monstrosity of a lie that’s never been proven and really belongs more in the realm of imagination rather than true scientific discourse.

What’s alarming and at the same time saddening is that many Christians believe in this fantastical theory with acquiescence, accepting it hook, line, and sinker, never bothering to check the evidence and the literature. Most of the evidence presented in support of this theory is done so a priori or not supported by fact. (In my next post, I’ll list some of the theological issues that arise if a Bible-believing Christian believes in this theory.)

After doing my own reading and research and watching hours upon hours of presentations and debates on the issue, I’ve put together below some of the reasons why the belief of this molecules-to-man, goo-to-you, microbes-to-microbiologist evolution doesn’t hold water:

Reason 1: Life CANNOT arise from non-life. Ask any objective biologist and he’ll tell you that there’s no such thing as ‘abiogenesis’ (a hypothetical organic phenomenon by which living organisms are created from nonliving matter). Life cannot arise from non-living chemicals by random chance. No matter what abiogenetic theories are put forward out there, they’re just scientifically untenable.

Reason 2: Parts of the cell, such as proteins, DNA, and, RNA have to be created all at once. These parts couldn’t have all evolved at the same time and formed the first unicellular organism. Even a simple non-living material like a book cannot exist with its pages and covers just popping into existence out of nothing and binding themselves. Of course, you still have to contend with how the words are going to appear on its pages.

Reason 3: Nothing cannot explode into everything (principle of ex nihilo) unless there’s a transcendent causal agent that can make it happen. No matter what complex mathematical equations have been or will be presented, they can never account for nothing exploding (as in the ‘Big Bang’ theory) into everything in the universe, including all the necessary constituents for the creation of life. Further complicating this problem is how the four fundamental forces (strong and weak nuclear force, gravitational force and electromagnetic force) just came to be after the imaginary bang, plus many other problems.

Reason 4: Evolution has never been observed. They say in the books and countless articles that evolution has been observed in the lab. However, this so-called ‘evolution’ is actually a mutation within a certain species. An example of such alleged evolution is Richard Lenski’s research with E. coli. After about 44,000 generations over 20 years of experimentation, the alleged ‘evolution’ that had been observed actually showed information loss from the gene. For evolution to occur, new information has to be created. Other so-called ‘evolution’ observations are in fact mutations, which are generally more harmful than they are beneficial.

Reason 5: The information built in the DNA (which contains the blueprint for all life and is the densest information storage mechanism in the universe) has to be created by an Intelligent Designer. Even the simplest organism known to man, the mycoplasma genitalium, contains 580,073 base pairs. Where and how did the information originate to form these base pairs?

Reason 6: Given that the first and most basic cell evolved by chance (which just cannot happen), there’s no scientific evidence as to how multi-cellular life originated. Even if, for the sake of argument, such a single-cell organism had evolved into a multi-cellular organism, how did it evolve from being asexual (having no sex) to splitting into two sexes?

Reason 7: There are millions of transitional fossils missing in the alleged evolutionary chain. Geological formations such as stratified layers do not reveal a continuous chain of fossil links. Have you seen geologic columns in your science textbooks when you were in school? Well, such columns don’t exist anywhere but in textbooks and in the fecund imaginative minds of certain scientists.

Reason 8: Blind chemical processes cannot create intelligence, logic, and morality. Evolution cannot account for logical principles such as the law of non-contradiction.

Reason 9: Contrary to popular belief, life is spiraling downward (top-down) or heading towards degradation rather than evolving (bottom-up). One example of such degeneration is genetic entropy, which, according to an online article, is ‘eroding the genomes of all living organisms because mutations are inherited from one generation to the next.’

Reason 10: When Charles Darwin came up with his evolutionary theory, he didn’t have the knowledge of the complexity of things such as cells and DNA, and therefore could not have known the true difference between what is commonly known as ‘micro-evolution’ and ‘speciation.’


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