Hail Mary?

Thoughts on Naga’s (indeed, Bicol’s) preeminently idolatrous day (popularly known as ‘Traslacion‘):

Mary is full of grace, BUT she’s NOT the dispenser of grace. Grace is a gift from God (Eph. 2:8).

The Lord is with her, BUT she’s NOT co-equal with the Lord (Jer. 10:6; Isa. 45:5-6).

Blessed is she among women, BUT she’s NOT above all women (and men). God is the only Supreme Being above all (1 Chro. 29:11-12).

And blessed is the fruit of her womb, Jesus, God’s only begotten Son, sent to fulfill His redemptive plan (John 3:16).

Mary is NOT the mother of God; she’s the biological mother of Jesus. God is Eternal (1 Tim. 1:17; Deut. 33:27), uncreated, the uncaused causer, and cannot have a creator, let alone a mother.

Mary, when she was still alive, could have prayed for sinners, but not in a salvific or redemptive manner. There’s only one way to the Father, and that is through His Son, Jesus (John 14:6). She cannot mediate between us and God; only Jesus can (1 Tim. 2:5). Only God is omniscient (all-knowing), omnipresent (present everywhere at once), and omnipotent (all-powerful). Mary, just like others who have died, cannot hear and answer our prayers.

Mary was truly favored among women (Luke 1:28), but, just the like the rest of us, she was also a sinner and needed a savior.

Yet again, for many years now, my heart grieves for my fellow Nagueños and Bicolanos, who continue to be deceived by the enemy, the same way he deceived Adam and Eve in the garden. We will once again witness that blasphemous spectacle of carrying an image they worship, a blatant display of idolatry and serious violation of God’s commandments in Exodus 20:4-5.

May God have mercy on us all.


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