At One Fell Swoop

They say that giving is better than receiving. However, I can think of a situation where receiving can far outweigh any act of secular giving, and that is the act of receiving Jesus as one’s personal Lord and Saviour.


Christmas, although its true meaning can often be diluted by all the fun, revelry, gift-giving, and merrymaking that permeate the season, is about celebrating that profound event when our Heavenly Father entered our space and time so His promise in the Old Testament after the fall of man about putting an enmity between the serpent and Eve shall be fulfilled. This enmity, who would crush the serpent’s head, was none other than His only begotten son Jesus, the very reason why people, even non-Christians, celebrate Christmas.


Jesus was born so that the sin that caused man’s separation from God, and every sin thereafter, could be forgiven. This is the true essence of Christmas, celebrating that momentous occasion when God, because of His never-ending mercy, goodness, and love for us, found a way for us to be reunited with Him.


All sins —past, present, and future — have been forgiven because of the birth of Jesus and His subsequent death on the cross. All we need to do is confess our sins and accept Jesus as our Saviour, who is the only way back to His Father.


Everything forgiven at one fell swoop. This is grace. This is unsurpassed love from the Almighty.


May we all ponder on this as we celebrate Christmas. God bless us all. 


23 December 2013


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