There can be times in our lives when something becomes so uninterestingly repetitive that we almost abhor the time it’s going to start over. Unless you introduce something new to the entire routine, it can get so tedious it drives you to a point where feelings of dread and reluctance take their turns, sometimes even overlap. 

We all go through it. They just come in different forms. Some are a bit more colorful than others; the rest are black, or white, or gray. Some are bigger and heavier; others don’t encumber. Still, they all reach a point of monotony and blandness.

Digging deep and reflecting about it from a different perspective, however, can actually reinvigorate the whole thing. And then it feels fresh again. It seems new again. Then you realize that it’s all part of life. 

There are things that need to transpire over and over again. Like the sun always rising in the morning and setting at day’s end. Like the earth moving around the sun and completing one revolution for 365 days. Like the sun’s nocturnal counterpart doing the same around earth every 27.3 days. Like a butterfly egg turning into a larva to a chrysalis to an imago, until the adult once again lays new eggs.

There’s beauty in repetition. There’s knowledge that can be drawn from routine. There’s wisdom in monotony. If there was none of it, then we won’t appreciate variety and variability. 

God allowed recurrence. During the 6 days He created the heavens and the earth and everything in them, each day ended with the same verse, ‘And there was evening, and there was morning.’ 

Thank God for the grace of allowing us to appreciate this.

Eric Ferdinand A. Badong 
24 October 2013
Naga City, Philippines


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