How Can You Be One of Them?

Tributaries snaking their way

Down channels wide

Such splendor, this Grand Canyon

But millions of years it had to take

For such grandeur to manifest


Colors explode under the water

A menagerie of life beneath the surface

So portray the Great Barrier Reef

But it’s only exquisite

On account of a plethora of organisms

Conspiring to shape such visual delight


Angelic from every angle

With mist that mystifies

Thus define majestic Angel Falls

But it only gets its alluring lure

From its water free-falling

From a height so astounding


Appearing like muted fireworks

Painted in the night sky

Such is the wonder of the Auroras

But they only come across as enchanting

As a result of the conniving oeuvres

Of atoms and particles in the earth’s atmosphere


Serenely comely, a delight to the senses

A fjord that’s a wonder to behold

Thus is the repute of Milford Sound

However, its world renown

Lies in its impressive features

Cumulatively crafting such magnificence


How can you be one of them?


How can a human being

Be part of such an illustrious list

Of natural wonders?

How can a face (and a personality)

Be so beguiling

That time can stand still

And naught around me

Seems to matter anymore

When I lay my eyes upon it?


Earth took its sweet time

To create this anthology of magna opera

How can you be one of them?

(image courtesy of


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