Deserted Oasis

How can something so lovely

So radiant as the first light of spring

Be taken away from someone

As sudden as a comet

Hurtling across the night sky?


I have traveled far and long

Conquered mountains

And sailed mighty seas

To reach your oasis

Only to find you gone

I had a momentary glimpse

Of flowers oh so comely

Majestically perched atop fields of green

How can I tell them of your hasty departure?


For a few blissful moments

My eyes were greeted

With the glorious sight

Of brooks and streams and rivers

Sparkling and silently singing in the expanse

What will they sing now?


Unbeknownst to the meadowlarks

The blackbirds and the nightingales

Who used to hum melodies in the gardens

You have vanished without a trace

Will their chorus still have harmony?


Sunlight and sweet scent

No longer prevail there

Everything will soon wither

In that once fertile land

What was once a sanctuary

Of things beautiful and full of life

Will be lifeless and forlorn before long


Being is waning

I had this foreboding

Why didn’t I listen to the wind?



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