Night Out

They breathe their last

Unpolluted air of the night

Eagerly they enter a world

Within the world

Smoke and din greet them

Ambivalently they welcome

The assault to their senses

Each soul flaunts

His own joie de vivre

Albeit for some

The display is contrived

An attempt to conceal

The true emotions within

Loud music and chatter

Dispel their worries away

They have nary a care

About the morrow

An escape for some

For others, a rendezvous of sorts

Strangers blend right in

With a curious commonality

Unfamiliar faces look oddly familiar

For, after all

It is not each other’s identity

That matters

But their ethos

A collective cry of scarred souls

A yearning for lull

From the onslaught

Of life’s storms

If only for a night…


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