How Do I Think of Thee?

I think of thee with the permanency

Of brown to a lark

With the quiet constancy

Of ripple after a gentle drop of water

My world is transmuted

Into a harbor of serenity

Space and time are relegated

To temporary oblivion

As I think of thee

I yield to the silent power

Of thine eyes

Whose soft hum renders me defenseless

I become a prisoner

Of mine own reflections

Willingly, I embrace the confinement

If it is the only way

That I can be with thee

I think of thee

With the harmony of songbirds

In tune with the soft breeze of summer

With the first cautious drizzle of May

As it carefully tests the dry earth

If it is ready to greet rain

With the reassuring warmth of ember

In the cold days of December

I think of thee with the stillness

Of an owl’s gaze

I am unperturbed

By the bustle around me

Unmindful of everything

Not even the fragrance of jasmines

Nor the splendor of morning light

When it first touches

The scattering clouds of dawn

Can arouse me from the thoughts of thee.

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