An Ode to Music

When push comes to shove

And my back’s against the wall

When no one and nothing else

Seem to matter

One thing remains steadfast

Unrivaled in its potency

To heal, enthuse, delight

It transports me

To havens most enthralling

Or most bleak

Either way the effect captivates

My emotions shift

At times exultant, euphoric

Other times woeful

To feeling a vague kind of sadness

She’s there during those stretches

When my only way to escape

From it all

Is to be a temporary recluse

Electing to self-sequester

As a means to revitalize

When there’s no fist in my glove

And my spirit atrophies

The reinvigorating blend

Of her notes

Makes me convalescent

I recuperate

She is my muse

Inexorably she enamors me

With the charm of a white rose

And the allure of a saffron dawn

Here’s to you, my indefatigable companion.


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