Musings of a Lousy Loner

With peculiar regularity I gravitate towards melancholy

Seemingly anesthetized by the sting of sorrow

Convinced that such an essay

Would reinvigorate my spirit

Oddly, it is this kind of incursion

That shelters me from the assaults of woe

Unintentionally fusing

A strange concoction of anti-venom

To the poison that is pain

I know whereof I speak

For I have been there countless times

But every foray into such realm

Is exhilaratingly new

Yet nonetheless familiar

In such world, words take on new meanings

Even sadness is redefined

My emotions intensify

But in measured moderation

Music, my perennial companion, becomes an antidote

To the conspiring yet strange duo of hurt and apathy

I flounder in the midst of all these

My mind becomes a convoluted mess

A mishmash of entangled thoughts

Desperately attempting to justify my continued existence

Is love my raison d’être?


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